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i'm having a bad night. gimme a hug. pls and ty.

Sorry I was sleeping Anon, unless you just sent this and you’re in some other part of the world. Either way, HUGS!!! I hope you feel better! Hit me up and we’ll chit chat yo! No need to hide!(:

I have poor social skills.

So tonight my best friend, Danii and I went out and about with some new people! Yay, right? Guess who did not cease to make an ass out of herself. This girl, me, this royal asshole right here! We were chillin’ in Applebees, eating food and doing our thing. I’m sitting next to some girl I just met while Danii is across from me and a friend of ours, Kyle, is next to her. I’m shoving a quesadilla in my mouth while I draw on the kids menu with a shitty crayon when I realize I didn’t take my meds. Nothing happened, I just happened to remember that I missed a dose. Oops. Well I warned Danii that I had forgotten just in case and said that it’s a good thing I got my medical tattoo. She said that I was lucky that I was out with two people who know that I have a seizure disorder. I then proceeded to make a joke about how shocking it would be if I had a seizure and turned to the girl next to me (again, whom I just met) and very loudly said. “SURPRISE!” and continued to draw and eat. Danii started laughing hysterically and Kyle was laughing so hard I was concerned for his well being. The two of them were beat red and not breathing. Fortunately enough though the girl next to me was too focused on drawing green dicks all over the kids menu to even notice that I had spoken. 

That was my night. How was yours?


A while ago I had mentioned how I was going to get a tattoo for epilepsy but I didn’t give away any of the details. Well… I got it done today!!!! On the top of my left hand I got a brain wrapped in christmas lights and on the inside of my arm I got the medical alert symbol. It’s totally fucking awesome! I’ll post a pic soon!(:

Waking up in hospitals.

No one likes waking up in the hospital, it’s often very terrifying and confusing. Thoughts like, “Have I been kidnapped?”, “Did the aliens finally get me?” or “The fucking government man.” run through your head. You just want to know where you are and how you got there. Upon waking up in the hospital I’ve found there are five stages you go through, much like the five stages of grief. This is at least true in my case, I know I can’t be the only one. So here they are!

  • Attempt to escape.


Fight or flight kicks in when you wake up to people standing over you, holding you down, sticking you with needles and saying a lot of words that you couldn’t possibly comprehend just yet. I think that’s a normal, expected, reasonable response to a situation such as this. So why are the EMTs, doctors and nurses always surprised?

You open your eyes and register bits and pieces of your surroundings, you gather a vague idea of what’s around you and what they’re doing to you but you don’t know who they are or why they’re there. So like the bad ass motherfucker from any movie, you dramatically rip out the IV, the vent and any wires stuck to your body. In an instant you’re prepared for battle and a war cry escapes from your lungs! You hear someone say, “Is she having another seizure?” The plan has worked, you’ve distracted them for a moment. This is your chance! You take it, though your efforts are futile and you are quickly captured and strapped down.

  • Denial/confusion.

Now that they’ve got you “secure” the doctors try to tell you what’s going on yet you continue to fight. Fed up, the doctor say’s something like: 


Despite that you’re the one who had been freaking out and fighting everyone trying to help, you’re all:


The doctor explains to you what happened in all that technical medical mumbo jumbo and you struggle to understand. You say things like, “How did this happen?”, “No, not possible I take my meds.” and “Don’t fuck with me doc, tell it to me straight. Are you or are you not in fact an alien?” The doctor will tell you no, though you will remain suspicious.

  • This is the part where reality hits you and you have an ugly cry.


But then you’re like, god damn I fucked up my make up:


  • Anger/boredom. 

The tests that the doctors have to run are really boring and take a really long time. The boredom in turn causes anger because you just want everything to be over. So you just sit or stand there and break things. 


  • And last but not least the, CAN I GO THE FUCK HOME YET, stage.


note: The drugs they have you on will cause you to be incapable of even having a conversation over meals with your hospital roommate. The two of you will probably look something similar to this: 


Stay fucking awesome and try not to seize the day!<3(:

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I have not stolen any boats recently, nor have I purchased any. If you are referring to the row boat on budd lake in 2009, I apologize profusely. That was a bad year but I mean, come on. It was just a fucking row boat.